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Facebook Fast

This time of Lent I felt a nudge, actually more like a shake, to remove myself from Facebook and to reflect, pray and search my heart for the reasons I am part of this social media. I had been feeling uneasy about how I was using it lately and if I was getting to caught up on the outside world that it was becoming a distraction. My desire was to use this as a way to share what is happening here in the ministry NWHCM and where I fit in. I also felt I could encourage others and share the love of Jesus with those who may not know Him or needed that encouragement/truth to be shared. It has also been a place where others could encourage me since mail is out of the question here in the Mole, Haiti:) and at times even internet isn’t working stellar so seeing a simple note or post during a hard time or rough day from a friend is always a blessing to receive, but when they have become few and far between the enemy was beginning to play the mind games with me. This was the biggest reason for removal. I recognized and God and I walked through teaching and showing me different things. Things I have shared before, but even more passionate about and probably in the minority…but will share still the same.

My favorite day of the year is Easter….celebrating what our Jesus has done for you and for me. A day I remember so many years ago at the age of 12 giving my heart to the Lord and confessing before others that I believe Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. I remember on an Easter Sunday my first year in Dallas going forward to reaffirm my confession and commitment to Jesus. This began a time of intense learning and stripping of so many things and taught me so much in how to trust Him more, love Him more, serve Him more and seek Him more. I have to say those years in Dallas grew me in ways that I never thought possible and as only He would have it prepared me for what I am doing now. I am reminded because of His faithfulness through those years I know He is faithful in the difficulties I have now. Sometimes I forget, but He gently reminds me. I love this!!!

As I shared earlier I fasted during this lenten season to reflect on the influence this was beginning to have on me, the why, the relationships, the purpose and am returning back to continue encouraging and sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ, but with greater caution, knowing  the enemy  is more that capable of getting a foothold as He wants to destroy, distract, demolish and devour any testimony or truth and wants to deceive you and me. My desire is to be more cognizant and intentional as to what I share and what I post. Also being more intentional about praying before I share or post as well as to what I like/love of other posts. It has crossed my heart and mind over these weeks of reflection…am I (are we) really building relationships through likes and loves? Are we really connecting with people on a deeper level of intimacy? I’ll be the first to tell you I was heading in that direction and I found it was leaving me more empty and disconnected, dissatisfied, a lack of authenticity or transparency, skipped over, friendless. You know what I mean because we’ve all done it…scroll down and hit likes without even really reading a post!! Let me ask you…How is this relational? Do we really know how others are feeling by our thumbs up sign. As one of my brothers says at times”Oh Miss Bess, ou dunt know.” 🙂

Well maybe I dunt;) But what I do know is that Jesus was born, lived His life on this earth, died and rose from the grave so that we could have life!!! Abundant life!!! He wants a relationship with you and with me. No amount of likes or thumb ups is going to build a real relationship. Think about it. Is what your heart desires is a thumbs up from a certain person or persons or is what it desires is real words with meaning, conversation, sharing of scripture with one another to build one another up. Think about it!! Pray about it!! Talk about it!!

Let me just say there is no greater relationship to have than with Jesus. 





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