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Living on the Edge

When you think of “living on the edge” what sort of definition comes to your mind? Dangerous living? Extreme sports? Unlawful activity? Sheer craziness? The Urban Dictionary defines this phrase like this….living a dangerous or unusual everyday life.People who live on the edge quite frequently expose themselves to physical, psychological, economical, lawful or other kind of dangers.

For the past 4 or 5 weeks we have been using this expression quite a bit, but in Haiti we use it in a different way and it revolves around our way of communication back to the states…the Internet. The cell phone company that we were using and had a reasonable monthly plan for Internet decided that the Mole didn’t have enough subscribers.

A few of you may have noticed that I haven’t been on Facebook, Voxer or returning E-mails. Basically, I was waiting to find out if this was going to be resolved. During the waiting is how we became…living on the edge, (a capital E marked the top of phone screen for EDGE;) because if you still had an active plan you could get snail mail slow,activity:)

As it so happened my plan ran out around the time this began. At first I was a bit frustrated with this, but as time passed it became somewhat freeing and made me stop and reflect on the hold, that so subtly has grabbed me. These thoughts have played on my mind…I never really checked who liked my posts and now I find myself saying,”She liked my post, Why? “Did he or she just check the like box in passing? Why doesn’t anyone ever comment? Why doesn’t this person or that person e-mail me anymore? Ive been lax in blogging and only short snippets on Facebook, how can I do better? Better yet, how can I revive my desire to write…it is so flat right now!? I haven’t been a very good daughter, sister, niece, aunt or friend at writing and (sorry;( all) at keeping up…know though, you are loved hugely, missed greatly and prayed for muchly!! I was carrying my phone everywhere as if it was attached to me and wondering who might send the next message, Vox or email…which consequently were very few and far between before this happened.I was finding the very thing I was struggling with in others was beginning to grab me as well. I let my guard down somewhat and was critical of others. Isn’t this just how satan works? He gets his foot in the door so easily and innocent and the next thing you know you are being mastered by his deceit…we fall right into his trap.

I am grateful to God for allowing me this time to “LIVE ON THE EDGE” for these weeks. It has taught me a lot.
First…that though it may sound silly, the definition still holds true. Anything can master you. Even technology! It can be just as dangerous if it takes you away from your first love…your relationship with Jesus Christ. I don’t ever want that to be the case with me and those I love.
Second…this EDGE showed me more of His grace and extending that to others. How easily we all can fall into this trap if we don’t guard our hearts and minds.
Third…to trust Him in all things. Even in the way of communication and the form of it. Whether 3G or Edge God has it all and sometimes with this speed He is instilling in us more patience. I live in a slow paced community. The Haitians are beautiful in showing me this more and more. God is teaching me through them to continue building relationships and baring fruit…fruit that will last. I don’t live in a fast food, gotta have it this second, traffic to slow kinda country:) It’s a “stop and smell the coffee” pace. Communication is key folks:)
Fourth…to be more intentional with all that I do. In the classroom. On the campus. In the community. With teams that serve.
Lastly…it’s important to keep connected but with right motives and with conversation. I need community that will encourage with words. Whether by Voxer, Facebook or by email…these are the ways for me to communicate with others. With Gods help and those who keep me accountable I am connected again now, but with a different company, but still “LIVING ONTHE EDGE” , but keeping my heart and mind alert to the trap that was laid before.

With this said…Miss Beth is back online, but at a different pace and purpose. To try to engage those I connect with (not just the like button:) to build relationships that glorify God and point others to His son, JESUS! To encourage and share His Word and His ways as He leads me.

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