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In the Arms of His Embrace

Psalm 143:8 “Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul.”

Sunday morning I awoke ready to spend time with my brothers and sisters in worhsip, but there was a small emptinness and ache within me that I couldn’t seem to shake. As I spent some time in His Word and in prayer I simpley asked Go to embrace me in His arms this day and experience more of His unfailing love and His Presence. My heart needed a touch from the Lord.

I got up, collected my Bible and my bag and headed out the door. As I headed toward the church and old hymn came to my mind…
“Love lifted to me…Love lifted me…when nothing else will do!!…Love lifted me.” In the arms of His embrace!!

It is interesting how those old choruses resonate in my heart and just just when I need encouoragement God brings them to my mind and sings them over me. I love how God touches and moves in this way. I was also remindedd of where these songs first took root within me and the bofdy of believers that poured into me, loved me, faithfully prayed for me, encouraged me and led me to Jesus. I can picture many of them now singing with hearts for Our Lord and Savior. I can hear their voices in my own heart. Such a sweet, sweet sound and even sweeter memories!! My roots go down deep, becasuse of the believers at Potsdam Church of the Brethern. I thank my God in remembrance of you and the foundation you poured into me as I grew in the knowledge and the accepting by faith, Jesus Christ!!! Mesi Jezi!!

I sat in service and tried hard to follow the sermon from Romans 12:1-2. It’s not that I was distracted (though I certainly can be:) , but it is always a struggle for me to understand all of the sermon in the Haitian language. I do have to say I understand a whole lot more than I did last year at this time…so I’m making progress:) Plus we had a visiting Pastor preaching and he spoke way to fast for me!!! 8) lol

As service progressed one of our ladies from our Bible study moved back to the benches that were in front of me with her 2 little ones. Her little girl who is about 3 or 4 and her son who is about 6. I hadn’t seen her kids for well over a year in church. I began making faces with the little girl who was being curious and looking at me and then hiding her face. Most of you know how I am with kids, so you can imagine the silliness we were enjoying:) She stopped for a brief moment to whisper something to her mama and then she got up and came back with me. She touched my arm and smiled and then she gave me a big hug. I picked her up and sat her on my lap and she snuggled up close to my chest and held me tight, like I’d known her forever. I haven’t had any real contact with this precious little one accept when she was born. Her mama had a difficult delivery and we really believed she might lose the baby. God thought otherwise!! Praise the Lord!!! A group of us ladies went to visit her after she was born and prayed over them and now she is growing and has such a joy within her.

As service began to finish we stood up to sing the last song. I held this little one in my arms and she embraced me tight putting her cheek next to mine. In that moment a wave of love washed over me and tears began to flow from my eyes. She stopped and looked into my eyes with such amazing love and compassion, trying to wipe away the tears then she pressed her cheek back to mine and hugged me even tighter. As she embraced me I embraced her in return praying over her, not knowing fully how her homelife was like. You see she has a beautiful mama that loves Jesus, but I also know her daddy doesn’t like them coming to our church and he has tried to cause problems in the past. As I prayed over her I felt her rest in the security of my arms. She let out a big sigh and dropped her head to my shoulder as if to say “I’m at peace and I can rest.”

My heart and her heart, this day, felt the embrace of Jesus. He answered my hearts prayer in a way I did not expect. It’s just like Him to use the life of a child with me. He knows me and knows what I need at just the right time. He lifts up my soul as I trust in His unfailing love and as He loves me He shows me how to love even deeper still. For this I am eternally grateful!! There is nothing sweeter than being in the embrace and presence of the Lord!!

Who in your cirlce of influence is in need of His embrace? Be the arms of His embrace today!!

It has been way too long since I’ve actually blogged here. I’ve been doing short little snippets…ok sometimes long:)…on my Facebook posts and I have just not been motivated to write or do anything more than this. It’s been almost a year since my last post and God has been doing some renovations in this heart of mine as I continue to love and serve the Haitian people, so you may be hearing a bit more from me in the days and weeks to come.





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