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Will You Love Jesus More

After posting a little message about Gabe Thurs. on facebook about him running to my door at 10 at night to tell me his Bible verse and a couple other posts…I recieved some sweet e-mails, instant messages and replies to these posts. I was deeply touched and encouraged, but I also have been struggling a bit. I have never been one who was good at taking compliments. It’s hard to know what to say in return.  With all of this I began thinking of the kids I used to coach. Many who are not kids any longer. Some are married with children, some are getting ready to be married, some are attending college and some are taking steps for Grad School or finding a job. Many I still follow and keep in contact with and I am richly blessed to be able to do so. Many God brings to my heart and mind as I continue to lift them up to the Father. I have sweet precious memories of these young people. One thing that has weighed on my heart the past couple of days is their relationship with Jesus Christ or if they really know Him. The song below speaks of this…not to just them, but in all that I do. My hearts desire is for those I have the opportunity to meet and to know is that when we go our seprate ways that they will love Jesus more and some cases will they come to know Jesus!!!

Follow my example as I follow the example of Jesus Christ…I Cor. 11:1

I feel quite sure if I did my best
I could maybe impress you
With tender words and a harmony
A clever rhyme or two

But if all I’ve done in the time we’ve shared
Is turn your eyes on me
Then I’ve failed at what I’ve been called to do
There’s someone else I want you to see

Will you love Jesus more
When we go our different ways
When this moment is a memory
Will you remember His face
Will you look back and realize
You sensed His love more than you did before
I’d pray for nothing less
Than for you to love Jesus more

I’d like to keep these memories
In frames of gold and silver
And reminisce a year from now
About the smiles we’ve shared
But above all else I hope you will come
To know the Father’s love
When you see the Lord face to face

You’ll hear Him say “well done”


I’d pray for nothing less
Than for you to love Jesus more

*Phillips, Craig and Dean


Now I know in my heart and in my head that it is not me who changes the hearts of those who God places along my road. That it is He who works in the hearts of each person. It probably didn’t help my heart to sit down and watch the movie last night “Left Behind”. This life is so very short and when God calls me home I want to be able to someday see those I walked this journey with in heaven with me. I share with the Ladies Discipleship groups that many know Jesus. They know His name. They know the stories, but I ask them…Do You Know Him? Really Know Him? Then I ask them if they know the President of Haiti. I ask them if they have had conversation with him…spent time with him getting to know him. Do you know his likes and dislikes? Everytime they say no. Then I ask do you really know Jesus? Have you spent time with Him? Do you know what He likes and dislikes? Do you really know what He has done for you? He wants a relationship….He wants us to love Him more…to dig deep into His Word to get to know Him. How will you know Him if you don’t spend time getting to know Him?

So…I continue to pray believing that the young people I love dearly and miss so much will come to know Jesus in a personal and intimate way. That they will hunger and thirst for Him. For He is the Only Way, the Only Truth and the Only Life!!! I pray for the young people God has placed on my path while I am here in Haiti….American and Haitian…that they will see Jesus in us and not us. That we (I) will decrease and He will increase. That they are drawn to what Jesus is doing here and not anything we (I) have done or said. I pray that we would be Instruments in our Redeemers hands….being used for His glory and purpose. I pray for our precious little ones that they will be raised to know and love Jesus with all their hearts, mind, soul and strength. That they will be a generation that turns this country toward Jesus. That His Light will overpower the darkness that is so prevelant in this community and country.

To my kids near and far…I love you so very much, but there is One who loves you even more and it is Him I desire you to know. Will you love Jesus more? This is my continual prayer for you!!!

(This may or may not make sense…but it is what is on my heart and felt led to share:)


I do want to thank all of you that send such sweet notes of encouragement, instant messages, voxes and posts that bless my heart and remind me who’s I am and that He’s not through with me just yet. Your faithful prayers and notes lift me in ways you will never know. In my weaknesses He really is making me stronger and I am grateful for the family and friends that walk with me and help me up when my knees feel like buckling or when I am flat on the floor. You help me keep my focus when “I step out of the boat to walk on water”…You help me stay the course and keep me accountable…You’re not aftraid to speak truth in love even when it might hurt…Simply put, you show me the hands, the feet, the face and embraces of Jesus. Thank you so very much!!!


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