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A Precious Gift

This morning the staff was all abuzz as our sweet Melonnia had a baby girl some time during the evening. Momma Gigi came to the classroom door this morning and told us and the kids were so excited, as was I. I was bit bummed because I ( being selfish in the moment) wanted to be there for the birth. I asked if she went to the clinic that is here and she told she had it right at the house. I’d like to say the momma’s of Haiti really do amaze me with their strength and perseverence. Melonnia was just working in the kitchen yesterday doing her work like any other day. Watching her climb the hill by our home with a huge bowl on her head and do it so effortlessly is one thing, but to do this and be pregnant…not to mention we believe she was overdue. For the past 3 weeks I would greet her in the kitchen in the morning give her a huge hug and ask how she was feeling and ask “When is this baby coming?” Her reply would be “God only knows…He knows all.” I love it.

After school some of the staff and the Castillo kids went to visit this new precious bundle. I came out of the house and  jokingly gave everyone a hard time…”you couldn’t come and get me, REALLY guys? I’m right here. LOL” Momma Gigi tried to show me a pic of the baby and I said NOOOO! I want to see her face to face. Jocelyn said everyone was so excited it was like Christmas (refering to Christ’s Birth and how the shepherds and wisemen had must have felt) Excitement was everywhere. I jumped into the gator with Jocelyn and Madame NeNe and Asher and he dropped us off to see this precious bundle of blessing. When I entered the home it was extremley dark and thankful Madame NeNe brought a light with her. I came in and I could tell Melonnia was just plum exhausted. No drugs, no epideral, nothing, but this dark home, dirt floor and thin mattress. I thought about what Jocelyn said about the Christ child at that moment. I thought about the manger that was in the barn that I am sure was similar to these surroundings. I thought about the birth in these lowly circumstances and for that brief moment felt I was transported back in time. It was the strangest yet beautiful moment I think I have had. To have, but just a glimpse, of  the past and then to look ahead to the future. Wow!!! Mesi Jezi!  M’NeNe picked up the precious one and handed her to me. She must have weighed 5-6lbs, but she had beautiful color and just so sweet. I told Melonnia how beautiful this little one was and asked if I could pray over them. “Yes, please” So we all knelt down including little Asher (prayer warrior) and I prayed over them. It was hard not to pour out tears of joy. Lizmat her oldest came in and prayed with us as well. She has a little boy also named SonSon. The both of them hung out with me quite a bit the month before I came back into the states for Christmas. I had many precious moments with them, as well as Melonnia. They are very close to my heart and to our staff. Please pray for this precious new little one (she has no name yet) and for a healthy, strong recovery and for the family.


This past week we opened our hearts, our arms and our doors to the first children in the orphanage. What precious children they are. Below are pictures of these little blessings. Please be in prayer as they transition and find this is home. Pray for comfort from their new momma’s and that they will see Jesus in each one of them. Pray that they feel their Heavenly Father holding them as these momma’s hold them. Pray that we train them in the ways they need to go so when they are older they will become strong men and women of God…firm in their faith and relationship with Christ.


Mes Beth Ets Pray/ God’s Beautiful Creation

Mes Beth ets pray. It just melts my heart when I hear the kids ask me to pray or say lets pray Miss Beth. Today as we were having lunch with our group from Texas Tech…Jody had one the group members read the comments from the Mole blog that was to them. One of the young girls had a comment from a family member as encouragement. It really touched her heart as tears streamed from her eyes. Asher was sitting next to me as we ate and the girl sat across from us. He watched her face and you should have seen his expression, because it was priceless. He looked as if he was going to cry with her. There was such a beautiful look of concern on this precious face. About 5 minutes later he put his hand on my leg and said in a quiet voice, “Mes Beth ets pray”. How do you not stop and pray? I said Amen and he repeated “Amen”. About 5 more minutes later the group stood up to pray over their speakers that would be speaking durning our youth conference today. I bowed my head and began to pray with them and Asher puts his face under mine and says “pray”. I placed my hands on him and began to pray over him as the group prayed over these other young people. I whispered over him as he listened to me pray and he just continued to sit there in posture of prayer. I said amen and he repeated “Amen”. This past week he has continually asked me to pray. He would sit down to eat and throughout our time of eating we must have stopped to pray 4 or 5 times. Oh what the Lord is doing in and thru this little boy who will be 3 in June.

This past week we were blessed with our first group of children to raise in the orphanage that the Lord is building brick by brick and house by house. This has been a very slow process, but I believe and know that God’s timing is perfect and He was and continues to raise up and prepare hearts and lives as pieces of this puzzle He is creating. It isn’t one of those puzzles that you can sit down and put together in one sitting. It is one that takes a lot of time and thought and there are so many pieces that we continually have to seek the Father as to where the next piece needs to fit. It has been both challenging and exciting…not to mention the times of joy, heartbreak and exhaustion. It has certainly been an exilerating rollercoaster ride and as it is with God….the ride never stops.

To see the Castillo children with these precious new ones is so fun to watch and as most of you know me…Oh the teachable moments I have seen already. We talked yesterday in class about their part in the mission and the opportunities God has given them to pour into these beautiful blessings from God the Frutis of the Spirit…and they named each one. I reminded them the same Fruit you pour into these little ones starts with pouring into one another. The conversation that enveloped was beautiful as we spoke of dreams and prayer and forgiveness. It continued this morning as we spoke more and forgiveness was asked to one another of wrongs committed. It was all I could do to not cry and believe it or not I didn’t. I prayed with the kids and we began our time of class work.

Gabe was working on a dot-to dot picture of a house and he leans over to me and says…”Miss Beth I think this needs some color. God created many colors.” The girls and I looked at each other and just smiled so very big. He sat and made his home full of many colors. What a beautiful creation.

Just as Gabe knew today that God created so many colors…God is taking us…His painting; His masterpiece and creating us to be more like Him. Full of many colors. He is pouring into us more kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, patience, peace, joy, love, goodness and self-control. Every brush stroke He takes is a splash of color that makes us more beautiful. When the brush is placed in the wrong hands, though, sometimes the colors created when combined aren’t diplayed beautifully, but when we surrender to the Master Creator…the Lord Jesus Christ…He takes what has been displayed and creates a new painting. A painting full of the Light of His Love. God’s Word tells us that He creates beauty from the ashes. I love this…it means He can take someone like me…a sinner…and create in me a clean heart…something beautiful. It means He can take you…a sinner…and create in you a clean heart….A MASTERPIECE. The awesome thing is He takes you as you are…paintbrushes and all…throws those away…and one colorful brushstroke at a time makes you beautiful. Will you give Him your paintbrushes?

I look forward to seeing these children learn and grow in the Lord. To see what the Master Artist…Jesus Christ…will do in and thru them. As we walk this road….please pray for wisdom and discernment in decisions we make. Please pray for our staff here and in each of our campuses that we will be unified in One Spirit, The Spirit of Jesus Christ. Make us one, Lord.


Old School

For those of you they may be wondering where I have been the past 10 days with no posts, no facebook, no e-mails…the internet was down so needless to say I had no way of keeping anyone posted on anything. I thought about putting a message in a bottle or even the use of snail mail:>) Neither would have worked as you can probably guess. It is funny because technologically speaking I am certainly not up with the times. I didn’t even get a cell phone until the last few months I lived in Texas and it is a pay as you go…no special gagets, no bells and whistles, just a phone. This week I have thought about those missionaries that had no access to any of the new technology we have today. They left friends and family that wouldn’t even hear from them for years on end and there were those that went to never return. The courage and faith these men and women had…these are the men and women that inspire me, encourage me, teach me and show me great faith, trust and amazing sacrifice.

About half way thru the week the thought went thru my mind that family (my mom:>) and friends might be concerned I hadn’t written anything. When I opened my e-mail yesterday it obviously wasn’t a concern as I only had one e-mail and the rest devotionals and junk and that one e-mail was from right here in Haiti. Honestly and selfishly a part of me wanted to cry and yes I did, but the other part of me knows life still goes on in America and it doesn’t revolve around a missionary in Haiti. At that moment I felt a little bit like those missionaries of the past. How did they GO and have no means of communication or very little communication with loved ones back home? How did they do this? To have such a trust and a faith blows me away so many times. Oh to have that kind of faith myself. Lately my faith has felt very small or I should say my walk has felt very weak and have felt the things and trappings of this world so heavy. The other day I was speaking with a couple staff about how different life was when I was growing up. The difference in the generations. We talked about honor, respect and responsibility. What it looked like then and what it looks like now. They told me they see some of the same things happening in Haiti, but it just a bit slower. This isn’t by accident.

We talked about technology…the good, the bad and the ugly. This new technological age was supposed to free families up to have more time together. Now we all see this happening don’t we….Not!!! When I was younger and we went to swim meets all the kids gathered in one spot and we played card games, hand clapping games, talked and joked around and really got to know one another. When I went to swim meets before I came to Haiti it was so very different. Kids still in the same place sitting together, but instead of having face to face conversations they have their Ipods on, texting on their phones and many times it is with someone sitting right across from them. I know, I know, but Beth you need to get up with the times. I do see the times and it just reminds me Jesus is coming again soon! I don’t know when, but I know He is coming and the evil one knows this full well and he is trying so desprately to keep people from seeking and knowing Jesus. Just look at the gagets…what can be used for good in so many ways, it has been used to tear families apart, interupt our conversations and put a barrier in communication.

Yes I am old school and I am o.k with this and I am o.k. (for the most part) when people give me a hard time about it. I have to admit I would rather sit down and e-mail a letter or write a letter than have a conversation, but that is because my thoughts (which is a slow process) get all jumbled up when I talk, plus it is more of my comfort zone.  As I said above there is some good to the technological age. This is one…I am writing this blog. I can use it to share the love of Jesus and share His truth with people I don’t even know. The Gospel can be sent out to even more and more people thru this venue. I love this. I can stay in closer touch with family and friends. I can share with them how they can pray for me and for those around me. I can use the computer in school and look up different things the kids have questions about like what animals live in Haiti or in the jungle? If I don’t have an answer to something I can research it and find the answer. I can also use the computer to help teach English. I can communicate with other missionary friends around the world and encourage them as they encourage me. There is good, but where there is good the evil one will try and is succeeding in making counterfeit.  Scripture tells us the devil prowls around like a lion waiting for someone to devour. Be careful dear ones and don’t get caught in the trap. Remember the faithful that came before us…..stand firm, be strong, trust in Christ Alone.


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