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Forgiveness in a Child

Once again, when I wonder if I am being the teacher the Lord wants me to be, He touches my heart and encourages me in a precious way.  After school today I sat at the kids desks and reflected on our week…the ups, the downs, the frustrations, the joys and the laughter.  Did we really learn anything this week? Has my patience ( which, at one time, I prided myself in having) vanished…taken a vacation…just plain disappeared? What can I do better?  What needs to change? Do I have my Jesus goggles on all of the time? Am I remembering the words my Heavenly Father spoke to me?

I admit  these were some tough questions to answer and I am still reflecting a bit deeper, but one thing the Lord revealed to me this afternoon, was through one of the kids…my buddy Gabriel.

After lunch I was going to spend some quiet time with the Lord.  I had my door open…I don’t know what I was thinking (always an invitation for visitors of the children kind:>) Well  you guessed it Mr. Gabe came visiting…Spiderman mask and all. He thought he would scare me, but to no avail. He said, “Miss Beth aren’t you scared of Spiderman?” and I replied, ” now why would I be afraid of Spiderman…spiders yes, Spiderman…No!!!”  He ventured back out of my room and told me he would be back soon. A couple minutes later he was back with 3 dinosaurs. He is really into the dino scene.  He lined them up on my desk and he talked with them and played with them as I just smiled and laughed at his precious conversations. He went down on the floor with them and I went to the classroom to grab the other animals that I had brought from the states. Now he had a whole jungle of animals along with Larry the Cucumber (dressed as Joshua:>) I pulled out some orange cones for volcanoes and a pale for a trap. He used my blue rug for water and my green rug for land. What a story that was unfolding right on my floor. Animals and dinosaurs were flying through the air and they were trapped in the volcanoes. They drank and ate from the rugs that became water and grass. I had some big plastic jacks and balls and of course those were used as booby traps. He played in here for almost 2 hours when Rosie and Mikela popped in.    Well you know how things can change when sisters  enter the picture:>)

I went outside for something and then had gone up to give Jody and Jose some intel ;>) When I came down Gabe was coming out the door crying with something in his hand and he looked up at me and said with such conviction , ” Miss Beth will you please forgive me, I broke your jack, I am sorry.” I looked down at him and almost cried myself. I bent down to eye level with him, put my arm around him and said, ” Gabe, do you know how proud I am of you right now. You came straight to me and you told me the truth, but more importantly you asked for forgiveness just like  we have been learning  from Jesus.” His reply, ” I really am sorry Miss Beth.”   “Gabe I forgive you and it is alright. Are you hurt? Did you step on this? Is your foot o.k.? ”  He told me he was fine and I looked at his foot, but no puncture or scratch. He grabbed me around the neck and gave me a huge hug and I told him he was such a big boy.

Now what you don’t know is that this week Gabe has had to have consequences for actions that he has taken with Miss Beth and at the time of the action he believed I didn’t like him, because of the consequence. I had to remind him several times that just because he broke a rule and he had to have consequences didn’t mean I didn’t care about him. In fact I told him several times, ” Gabe I love you and because I love you I want you to learn from doing this wrong thing. Just as Jesus loves you more than anyone  and He wants you to learn right from wrong as well…even if he needs to give us a consequence to teach us.” 

It is hard being a kid…hey it is hard being an adult:>) Learning to ask for forgiveness isn’t an easy thing and those of you who know little Gabe know he can be pretty stubborn. Today was a precious moment that confirmed that the Lord is changing hearts and lives…in His time and His way.


Lord I thank you for this precious moment with Gabe and pray that his heart will stay tender as it was today.  Lord you touched the heart of this precious boy and he showed me today that you are working in the hearts of these children. Lord help me to not forget how patient you were and are with me and to give that same patience back to the children and to those I have the opportunity to disciple and minister to. The glue on my Jesus goggles has broken its seal and I need to keep these goggles on at all times. Lord help me to always see with your eyes and not my own. Forgive me when my ways and the worlds ways distract me from your ways. Forgive me for my lack of patience lately, I have taken what you have given me for granted and I see that you desire for me to go even deeper in this area. Help me Jesus. I love you Lord. Amen.

2 Responses

  1. Beth you bless my heart in so many ways. thank you for sharing about Gabe. You are such a great teacher and he learns so much mo
    re than
    his ABC’s. I thank God that He sent you to my grandchildren. They are so blessed to have you as a teacher. Love, Nana

  2. MyBeth, I love this! Thanks for sharing!!

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